ArcaniA: Gothic 4

Gothic has traditionally been a PC title, and although developer Spellbound has included radial menus to make console players feel at home, this is still a pretty poor conversion and it needs the PC staples of quick-saves, scalable graphics and a mouse to be worth the asking price. If the Gothic series is ever going to be a success on console, Spellbound has much to learn.


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Release date: Oct 19 2010 - PC, Xbox 360, PS3 (US)
Oct 29 2010 - PC, Xbox 360, PS3 (UK)
Available Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: DreamCatcher Interactive
Developed by: Spellbound
Franchise: Gothic
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Alcohol Reference, Blood, Language, Use of Tobacco, Violence
PEGI Rating: