American McGee Presents: Scrapland Cheats, Codes & Guides

American McGee Presents: Scrapland Cheats

  • Cash, cash, cash!

    Not a cheat, just a way to make a lot of cash. First, find a point to access the Great Database. A terminal inside the Temple is good, as bishops carry lots of cash usually. Transform into the Chief Banker. Once you have transformed, start thieving (press 'B' when facing others)! Someone will alert the cops, and they start shooting you. When your life gets low, just access the Great Database again. Choose the Chief Banker again, although you already where that character. When you transform again your life will be set at 100 again. You can keep doing this forever! (Or, at least, untill you run out of batteries :D)
    Submitted by Angelo B

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Available Platforms: Xbox


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