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A10 Cuba Cheats, Codes & Guides

A10 Cuba Cheats

  • Cheats

    Entry location: While in flight (or after you die) you can hit CTRL-S to go into slow mode. You start out in the exact geographic center of the island. Now hit CTRL-X to turn on your joystick. Now, you can move (point) with your stick. Here are the keys: 8 = hit repeatedly to go forward 2 = hit repeatedly to go backward 4 = hit repeatedly to go left 6 = hit repeatedly to go right 7 = hit repeatedly to go up 1 = hit repeatedly to go down The trigger fires the cannon (toned down for some reason) and ENTER fires heavily toned-down mavericks. Now you can visit the baseball field in Havana, the hole in the wall, or complete the mission after you die.
    Use the 'Invincible Aircraft' control setting. Then, enter one of the following codes during flight to activate the following cheats.
    Add 500 feet to altitude [Ctrl] + [Tab]
    Slow motion mode [Ctrl] + [Tab] + S
    Enable joystick [Ctrl] + [Tab]+ X
    Submitted by None

A10 Cuba Hints

  • Move Forward

    [Keypad 8] = Move forward
    Submitted by J. Barnartt
  • Your day off

    When at Cubas town mansion go up the stairs at the top there will be a window break the window there supposed to be a pool about 3 yards away jump in it then go to the diving board jump ,double jump, then dive in swim around just enjoy yourself. Doesn't always work.

    Submitted by J. Barnartt
  • Move Left

    keypad 4 = Move Left
    Submitted by J. Barnartt
  • Move Backwards

    [keypad 2] = move backwards
    Submitted by J. Barnartt
  • Move Right

    Keypad 6 = move right
    Submitted by J. Barnartt
  • Move up

    keypad 7 = move up
    Submitted by J. Barnartt
  • Move Down

    keypad 1 = move down
    Submitted by J. Barnartt

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