007 Legends developer Eurocom lays off 75 percent of workforce

007 Legends developer and long-standing licensed game contractor Eurocom laid off at least 150 employees as part of a wide-scale restructuring. GamesIndustry International reports the Derby, England-based studio will continue with only 50 staff, down from a workforce of more than 200.

"Eurocom are undertaking a restructuring which I regret to say has meant we've made the majority of our workforce redundant today," studio director Hugh Binns said in a statement last week. "We've fought to try and save as many jobs as possible, but the steep decline in demand for console games, culminating in a number of console projects falling through in the last week, left us with no option."

Binns said the studio, which was founded in 1988, plans to focus mainly on mobile games in the future. 007 Legends, its most recent published title, had a tepid critical reception both on Metacritic and in our own less-than-enthusiastic review.


Eurocom layoffs


  • DarthPunk - November 26, 2012 10:18 a.m.

    The James Bond curse strikes again
  • zelta38 - November 26, 2012 10:36 a.m.

    First Bizarre Creations then Eurocom... I remember playing their Disney Tarzan game when I was a kid, good times.
  • doominatorx6 - December 1, 2012 3:43 p.m.

    But didn't they do the Goldeneye reboot as well? That was a good game IMO.
  • FOZ - November 26, 2012 10:51 a.m.

    Did he read that off of a scrap of paper while an Activision representative leered at his back? Anybody could have seen this coming.
  • Z-man427 - November 26, 2012 11:08 a.m.

    Word of advice. Stop making Bond games. They seem like the perfect opportunity, but they're a death sentence for devs.
  • Redeater - November 26, 2012 12:59 p.m.

    You guys missed the part where he hilariously blames mobile gaming for the lack of sales.....and then goes on to say they are moving towards mobile gaming.
  • thorvath - November 26, 2012 1:46 p.m.

    I remember reading an interview back when Bizarre Creations was closed down that a Bond game is a death sentence for an Activision studio. Guess it's still true.
  • larkan - November 26, 2012 4:47 p.m.

    Obviously they weren't taking their jobs seriously, or they would've produced a better game and would've kept their jobs. Maybe in their next line of work they'll work harder for their paychecks.

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