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Zoo Tycoon 2

On: PC - OUT: Autumn

THE PITCH: A follow up to the original zoo management sim that offers more variety, choices and creativity. You can now roam around your zoo, checking out your handywork in an all-new 3D world.


  • Enhanced 3D graphics complement the ability to walk around your zoo inspecting the animals, hanging with visitors and taking pics
  • More than 300 building objects use a new user-friendly Habitat Builder tool. The Biome Brush allows you to paint different landscapes on new exhibits at the click of a mouse
  • More interesting scenarios are promised, generated from either random or dynamic challenges
  • Free downloadable content will be available via ongoing updates
  • THE BUZZ: Not a game that's going to blow anyone away but for management buffs, the improvements over the original will be welcome. And let's be frank, we've all wanted to own a zoo since we were nippers, haven't we?