X-ray vision

After months of waiting and endless teases in his video blog, the time has arrived for Bryan Singer to unveil some actual moving footage from Superman Returns.

What’s here is certainly impressive. With Marlon Brando’s narration from the 1978 original playing over a montage of shots from the new movie, this is a stirring, atmospheric glance at the world of Kal El and co. Comic-book fanatics in particular will delight in the imagery that looks like it’s come straight out of Kingdom Come – widely agreed to be among the best of the modern Superman tales. But if you’re looking for anything that reveals the acting quality, you’re all out of luck.

Still, we can’t deny that we’re excited by the footage so far. And if the quality of the acting equals the visuals, this looks like one of the best movies of 2006.

For your own look at the footage, head to the official site here . Let the arguments begin!

Source: ( Superman Returns )