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Would you play Silent Hill with granny?

"I don't think Silent Hill is a game that would be sold on Nintendo Wii," says chief director of Silent Hill 5, Masashi Tsuboyama, since "the general opinion is that Wii is for family games."

Tsuboyama won't rule out a Silent Hill for Wii, but he isn't convinced that Nintendo's console is suited to providing games to more mature audiences: "I'm sure the fans don't play Silent Hill with their grandma," Tsuboyama quipped during a recent interview with Japanese gaming mag Electric Shock.

On the subject of PlayStation 3, however, Tsuboyama was more positive. Sony's much-maligned Blu-ray tech will become "a great asset to the developer in the future," he believes, and while he admits that PS3 is harder to develop for, Tsuboyama is faithful that "it can rise above the other lead consoles in processing power."

Silent Hill 5 is set, with luck, to appear later this year on both Xbox 360 and PS3. And, though we've seen nothing of the game so far, Tsuboyama hints that the game will finally be revealed during the summer.

Above: It's hardly Watch With Mother material, but with Manhunt bursting onto Wii surely there's a place for Silent Hill 's disturbing adventures?

May 30, 2007