Warner Independent plans to awaken Enter The Dragon

When we see the word “remake” these days, alarms tend to go off in our classic movie-loving noggins. And when “of Enter The Dragon” follows it, you’d better believe that the sirens become ear-splitting howls.

But these days, no film, no matter how beloved, is safe. Which might explain why Bruce Lee’s iconic fist-flicker is getting an update courtesy of Warner Independent Pictures and Kurt Sutter, a man usually to be found helping guide TV’s toughest cops on The Shield.

But it won’t be a straight redo of Enter The Dragon, as writer/director Sutter is planning to give the plot a modern-day, nourish spin that sees a lone FBI agent pursuing a rogue Shaolin monk into the face-damaging world of underground fight clubs. “I'm a huge noir fan, and this plot lends itself to the film I want to make," Sutter blabbed to Variety . "I wanted to set it in these underground fight clubs where the action is really raw and expose the brutality of Shaolin Kung fu. This will be more Raging Bull than Crouching Tiger in its viciousness."

Okay, so maybe the alarms have gone a little quieter, but he’ll still have to prove himself with the movie. And he’s apparently planning on discovering a fight star to play the monk. Jean-Claude Van Damme, put your hand down now. We said “discover” an “new fight star” not “dig up an old splits-loving oddball.”

source:( Variety )

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