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VIDEO: The most combat footage you’ve ever seen from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Curious about how combat will work in Star Wars: The Old Republic? The latest developer diary video released this morning is packed with tons of gameplay footage. The commentary from BioWare’s crew highlights the developer’s philosophy on MMO combat and how it differs in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

MMO haters may claim that the new footage looks like more of the same click-click combat featured in most MMOs. But this video shows Bounty Hunters with flame throwers and Sith raining down lightning on multiple enemies, so we don’t really care…

Above: The latest developer diary for Star Wars: The Old Republic has LOTS of combat footage

Above: A Trooper, a Bounty Hunter, and a Night Elf Hunter walk into a bar… Find out more in ourWoW player’s guide to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Apr 23, 2010