Valve's definitive Half-Life moment...

Sept 11, 2007

Ah, personal definitive moments from the Half-Life games. Whether it be the 'Test Chamber' sequence that spawned the original Freeman adventure or Barney chucking you the crowbar in Half-Life 2 which sent a little shiver down the spine, we all have our most favourite sequences from Valve's first-person shooter series.

But what's the developer's? Well, it may surprise you to learn...

"I think when you're playing catch with Dog with the gravity gun. That was where a bunch of things came together," Valve head honcho Gabe Newell told the UK's PC Zone when queried about the one moment that represents where the dev completely nailed it in the series.

Newell said Valve was just really happy about how that particular part of Half-Life 2 turned out. "Even though there's no big explosions and nobody getting shot, you're still having a great experience," Newell added.

He also skipped on to the forthcoming mind-bender Portal, describing its ending as "probably the strongest... we've had yet with any of our games."

Courtesy of CVG