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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - video walkthrough

So Twilight Princess has only been out for one day and you're already stuck? Or perhaps you're just getting your eager hands on it today and want to tear through it as fast as humanly possible? Either way, we've got a video treat for you, a perfect way to get started on the game without revealing too much.

Below you can download videos that will walk you through the Goron Mines and the nefarious Lakebed Temple, the latter of which could take something like four hours to best without help. Why stop there? Well, as with A Link to the Past, something happens after the first three objects are collected, so that seemed like as good a place as any to take a breather.

Each dungeon is divided into separate videos, broken up by important moments in the level (right click and save as...).

Goron Mines 1 - Beginning to Bow
Goron Mines 2 - Bow to Boss

Lakebed Temple 1 - Beginning to Clawshot
Lakebed Temple 2 - Clawshot to Boss

November 20, 2006