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Star Fox Guard lets you play as Slippy Toad's CCTV

Project Guard, the CCTV robot-zapping Wii U experiment from Shigeru Miyamoto, is now Star Fox Guard. The premise remains the same, but now it will come bundled with retail versions of Star Fox Zero on April 21 - or on its own on the Wii U eShop.

The game lets you set up and swap between a number of cameras on the Wii U Gamepad, trying to identify threats and take them out before they can sneak into the center of your base. If you're wondering how defending labyrinths from metal monstrosities fits into the greater Star Fox canon, Star Fox Guard puts you in control of security systems made by Slippy Toad to protect his uncle Grippy's mining facilities. Yes, Grippy Toad. It just feels good to say.

On top of its single-player campaign, Star Fox Guard will let players create their own challenges and upload them online for others to try out. Whether you take on uploaded levels or create your own, you'll earn "precious metals" for your efforts.

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Connor Sheridan
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