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Persona 5 Royal: Release date, trailers, new features and everything you need to know

Persona 5: Royal
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Persona 5 Royal was officially announced back in March this year after Atlus revealed an upcoming game simply titled Persona 5 R towards the end of 2018. After it was officially confirmed that it was indeed coming and the R stands for Royal, we’ve been getting a steady stream of news updating us on everything the return of the Phantom Thieves will bring us, as well as some hype-inducing trailers that make us more excited than ever to have our hearts taken all over again. 

A lot of the news about Persona 5 Royal has come to light thanks to a series of videos by our very own cat friend Morgana, who's been releasing 'Morgana's Reports' the Atlus' Japanese YouTube channel. We’ve gathered together all of the most exciting new features and updates about our upcoming reunion with Joker and the gang, from the release date window, to new characters, gameplay details, and much more. 

So get your mask on and prepare to enter all those mind palaces once more as we guide you through everything you need to know about Persona 5 Royal. 

Persona 5 Royal is coming in 2020 on PS4

After the initial incredibly short teaser dropped with a vague 2020 release date window for the West and Asia, Atlus recently revealed a new trailer at the Atlus Art Show in LA which confirmed a Spring 2020 Persona 5 Royal release date in the West. The lucky folks in Japan will be getting their hands on it a bit earlier, with an official release date set for 31 October, 2019. So far the only console it’s set to release on is PS4 and will also have full PS4 pro support. While many hope for a Nintendo Switch release, Atlus posted an FAQ stating that there are “currently no plans” to release on other platforms. 

Persona 5 Royal will expand on Persona 5

Royal takes Persona 5 and revamps it with additional content, new characters, and an expanded storyline. It's essentially an enhanced edition. In the FAQ released by Atlus, it states that “'P5R' is based on the game system of 'P5', and many new elements such as new characters and events have been added to the beginning of the game.” If you’re well acquainted with the Persona series overall, you’ll know it has a history of re-releases its core games with enhanced versions like Persona 4: Golden. It was long suspected that Royal would be much the same thing, and it’s looking like it’s just that. By building on the core game, players will be able to relive the story all over again, but there will also be additional events and storylines thrown in. 

Persona 5 Royal introduces us to a new member of the Phantom Thieves 

When a short teaser dropped back in March, we were first introduced to a new character by the name of Kasumi Yoshizawa who will be a new Phantom Thieves party member. The first teaser revealed she was aware of the thieves and attended the same school as Joker and the gang, but seemed to disapprove of their methods. Since the teaser, a character trailer for Kasumi has been released in Japanese, but thanks to Lettuce Sauce (via PersonaCentral) who made a translated version on YouTube, you can check out what’s being said for yourself. As you can see in the video, she has a playful personality, a healthy appetite, and seems to have quite a friendly relationship with Joker. We also get to see Kasumi’s Persona, Cendrillon (Cinderella). 

Persona 5 Royal adds new collectables that can be exchanged for items 

Morgana has been a busy cat over the last few months. Atlus has been releasing a series of "Morgana Report" videos where Morgana reveals information about all things Royal, and one of the most recent updates shed light on a new character called Jose who can be found in the Mementos. All of the videos are in Japanese, so thanks once again go to Lettuce Sauce who uploaded an english subtitled version. According to Morgana, Jose is collecting flowers to learn about humans. You will be able to exchange flowers with Jose for items, and you can also find stamps that can be given to Jose to alter the Mementos and add different effects. Another collectible comes in the shape of a stone or "ishi" which look like a skull. The "ishi" are apparently formed by distortions in the Palaces, as Morgana puts it.  Finding these stones is said to reward you with special accessories. 

Persona 5 Royal features an extra semester 

In a weekly issue of Famitsu back in May (via Gematsu), the magazine did a preview of Persona 5 Royal as well as an interview with game director Daiki Itoh and producer Kazuhisa Wada. In the interview they said that “we’re making the volume of the newly implemented third semester to go beyond the expectations of those who have experienced the volume of Persona 4 Golden.” The extra semester will extend the storyline and could potentially change the outcome of the game. During E3 2019, the first full length trailer was unveiled in English, giving us a little more insight into the expanded story of Royal.

Persona 5 includes a new location, additional social spots and more free time at night

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A new location called Kichijoji will be introduced in Royal that will feature new areas and activities for you to get up to when you have a spot of free time. Morgana’s third report (via Gematsu) talked about the new location and revealed that a new “Rag Shop” will let you trade in any armour you’ve obtained in Palaces and Mementos for money. Doing so will also rack up trade-points that can be exchanged for “something good.” Oooh. Darts Live is also collaborating with the world of Persona to bring a recreation of Darts Live 3 to the game. 

New social and date spots are also coming to Royal, and so far an aquarium is the first new spot we've been shown. You'll also be able to spend time with the twins and visit locations in their company. Additionally, Morgana also revealed you'll have more free nights to get your stats up and spend it doing whatever you want without being told to go to sleep quite so often. 

Persona 5 Royal introduces new battle mechanics, special moves and Personas

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A new combination move know as 'Show Time' will be featured in Persona 5 Royal. This special move can be triggered between two members of the Phantom Thieves, and acts a powerful combination strike against enemies. It was also revealed that Baton Pass will have rankings, and playing darts and doing other activities will increase your Baton Pass rank, "which can manifest various effects such as higher attack power or SP recovery" during the mechanic. Baton Pass lets you pass a character's turn to another member of your party, which can be a very handy trick in battles. 

New Personas are also being added to the line-up, along with additional evolutions for some of the original main characters from Persona 5, such as Ryuji who's character trailer revealed he'll be getting a new Persona evolution called William. Morgana is another notable character who's getting a new Ultimate Persona called Diego. 

Persona 5 Royal introduces us to a new Confidant called Takuto Maruki 

(Image credit: Atlus)

On Persona 5 Royal's official Japanese website (via Gematsu), it introduces us to a new Confidant we'll be meeting. Takuto Maruki is part-time student counsellor hired to help at the Shujin Academy after the "April-incident." Maruki has a new Arcana known as Le Consultant. Apparently he has good listening skills and is well liked by the students at the Academy because of his friendly personality. 

Persona 5 will feature 20 new songs 

If you're anything like me, you absolutely love the soundtrack in the original Persona 5. It brings so much personality to the game and makes you feel oh so suave as you run around in Joker's shoes. If so, you'll no doubt be glad to hear that Royal will feature a big helping of new songs. In the aforementioned weekly issue of Famitsu, it was revealed that there will be 20 new tracks - some of which can be heard in the two full length trailers that have been released so far. 

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