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New Portal 2 trailer defies cultural stereotypes, is funny, German

What's that you say? The whole thing's in German? Ah.

Oh well, it's still bloody funny. We can just about work out what's going on, and besides, it has robots getting hurt and everything.

I think the general gist is that humans have turned out to be too untrustworthy to use in co-op Portal testing, so robots have been trained up in their place. Which is fine with me, because robots are far cooler than humans. And don't even try to justify a counter-argument by bringing up cyborgs. Those wusses are just closet robots who couldn't commit.

But yes. Robots getting hurt. Valve humour. Portal 2. All good things. Are you more hyped after seeing this (on top of all of our otherlovely Portal 2 coverage), or are you just too ravenous to get your hands on the game to care about anything else by now?

Source: EA Germany

Mar 28, 2011

UPDATE: We just got an English version of the Portal 2 vid for all those not bilingual. Enjoy!

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