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Get an exclusive Umbrella Corp pin badge with the new Official Xbox Magazine at WHSmith

WHSMITH Official Xbox Magazine Promotion

The new issue of Official Xbox Magazine arrives on Friday 14th December, featuring Capcom’s reboot of survival-horror classic Resident Evil 2 – and you can get a limited-edition Umbrella pin badge when you buy your copy from UK retailer WHSmith.

Every copy of the new OXM features a music CD showcasing Jesper Kyd's awesome State Of Decay 2 soundtrack, plus a Hitman 2/Battlefield V double poster, but only the special WHSmith edition features this bonus Resident Evil 2 gift. 

Show your support of the Umbrella Corporation – without the shadowy organisation there would be no zombies, T-Virus or mutated sharks, after all – by picking up OXM from WHSmith as part of a celebration of the company's return to videogame retail through its dedicated Gaming Hubs, which are now rolling out in its hundreds of stores throughout the UK.