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Elemental: War of Magic Cheats

A complex story attempts to give meaning to each quest, but even the most hardcore 4Xers will feel betrayed by Elemental. There’s very little to love here, and it’s so unbalanced and frustratingly crippled no magic will fix it.

Elemental: War of Magic Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Enable Cheats

    Add 'cheat' in the shortcut for the game. Example: ""C:\Program Files\Elemental War of Magic\elemental.exe" cheat. Use the following shortcuts to enable the desired effect

    +1000 to all Resouces: CTRL + M

    Autosave: CTRL + S

    Completes buildings projects: CTRL + B

    Completes units projects: CTRL + J

    Converts Enemy (selected) party: CTRL + D

    Copy selected party (leaders): CTRL + C

    Gives you a spouse and children: CTRL + F

    Hide/Show Interface: CTRL + X

    Kill selected party: CTRL + K

    Level Up (aka lots of XP) Party leaders: CTRL + P

    Research Current Tech: CTRL + R

    Research Spells (A Little): CTRL + Q

    Research Spells (A Lot): CTRL + E

    Reveal Map (Note: Can sometimes cause major lag): CTRL + U

    Starts/Stops Auto Turn (Turns just fly by until you stop it): CTRL + Z

    Teleports the selected character/unit to the cursor: CTRL + T