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David Morrissey Teases Surprises In Store For The Walking Dead

Expect the unexpected is the main message from David Morrissey when we talk to the Governor actor about the second half of The Walking Dead season three in the new issue of SFX .

“As an audience you can see that no one’s safe and there are surprises within that. What’s great about The Walking Dead is that it’s not frightened of killing off its leading actors.”

He says, though, that he’s had no temptation to practise that undead shuffle, just to be prepared for the (nearly) inevitable.

“No, you would never do that, because that’s tempting fate. You never want that to happen. The cast, that’s what they’re trying to avoid for their characters. They want to fight and keep away from that. So no way, I don’t ever want to practise that.”

Read the full interview in SFX232, published on Wednesday 6 February.

The Walking Dead returns to Fox (UK) from Friday 15 February. It will air on AMC in the US from Sunday 10 February.

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