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Check this jaw-dropping Street Fighter art

We're massive Street Fighter fans (we didpost awhole week of contentabout it, after all), and this is without a doubt the most stunning character art we've ever seen. An artist named BossLogic has posted several images of classic fighters, each one with a level of detail that's second to none.

We grabbed these three just to tease it, but by all means head to hisDeviant Artpage for the whole body of work.

Above: Crimson Viper looking damn fantastic with her stylish shades

Above: Newcomer Juri shows off some skin (and her creepy electric eye)

Above: Sagat ponders life, wonders how many more ways he can be disfigured

For more SF art, be sure to check out ourWorld According to Street Fighterwallpaper, which houses every character in the series (short of Hakan, who was just announced today).