All-seeing IMAX

Did you go and see Batman Begins in IMAX? Did you enjoy it? Do you want more? You’re in luck!

Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns and Wolfgang Petersen’s disaster remake Poseidon will also appear in the IMAX format. “Superman Returns is going to be an epic adventure, and by also offering the film in IMAX's format, we're giving audiences a unique way to experience the return of the Man of Steel,” said Dan Fellman, President of Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros Pictures. Without adding, of course, that it’s a good way to grab more cash.

And Poseidon, which sees a rogue wave capsize a huge cruise ship, is also prime fodder for the IMAX screen. And, we can reveal, it was also considered for a 3D release, using techniques developed by the likes of George Lucas and James Cameron. Director Wolfgang Petersen told us that he definitely discussed the idea: “We looked at ways of doing it, but right now it’s just too expensive and, I think, too early in the technology.” You heard it here, direct from the Poseidon set.