Rhythm violence" game Thumper thrusts a space beetle onto PS4, PC in 2016

In Thumper from development studio Drool, you play as a space beetle that must defeat an insane, giant head from the future named CRAKHED. Still with me? Because things are gonna get weirder.

Created by a two-man team comprised of former Harmonix contributors, Thumper is described as a “rhythm violence” game. There’s no bullets or blood to be see, but movement and actions are still aggressive, moreso than other rhythm games. Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself - and be sure to set frames per second to 60 for the full experience:

See? It’s like Amplitude meets Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album by way of a GWAR music video. Thumper will take the stage on PS4 and Steam in 2016.