Tech Romancer Cheats

Tech Romancer Cheats

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by steve c.

    Get all characters

    Highlight options and press a,a,b,a,b,right

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Old Man

    3rd VMU Game

    Beat the game using any characters besides 3(Bolin &Polin, WiseDuck should be 2 of the 3)
    or beat the game using all the characters. Head back to the techno dome and the 3rd minigame should be available.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Terry the chow chow

    Extra options

    First what you do is beat the game in hero challenge mode with any character and in the end you will receive a certain amount of "G"
    then you go to Tatsumi's Techno Dome and move to the right, then you will see several boxes in yellow, the ones in yellow you can purchase but first you have to withdraw "G". then you will have several options such as more characters or hidden movies with the amount of "G" that you collect.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by NATHAN

    2nd VMU game

    Beat the game with dixen 2 times using both pilots

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Goku

    VMU Game

    Beat Story mode with any body and and go to the thing where you collect secrets and the first thing there should be punches & Love for your VMU