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    Submitted by Allia

Syberia Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by james


    In the attic there is a thing of ink. it goes in the top of the hat behind the desk of the notaries office

  • Xbox | Submitted by James M

    End of Game Walkthrough

    Leave the train and walk down towards the front of the train. Use the winding machine in the usual way to wind up the springs. Talk to Oscar about the Mission and then the hotel manager will spend ages walking out to tell you there is a package for Kate in the reception area, when he could have just brought the package out. Wait another eon for him to leave and for Oscar to turn around, and then go back into the hotel. Zoom in on the parcel at the far end of the counter and pick up the mammoth doll. The hotel manager will receive a call asking you to meet Helena at the bar in the dining room. Go through and talk to cryptic Helena. Then go out onto the pier (for some reason you wont need a mask this time) and click on Hans Voralberg to commence the final cutscene. Voralberg (looking slightly dwarf-like when he stands up) signs the papers, Mr Marsen makes a timely phone call to get the good news and Kate decides there's room left in that jacket for a few more adventures.

Syberia Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Queenofhearts

    General Hints

    Airship Key:
    You will be given this key by the cosmonaut. It will unlock the airship's door.

    Temporary Code Card:
    This card is found in the mail-room of the Aralband Inn. You must look at it to learn the temporary access code for the gazebo.

    Liquid Honey:
    This item is made by Kate and can be used to create a Blue Helena. You must also use a lemon which can be found underneath the bar at the Aralband Inn.

    Space Project Letter:
    This letter can be found in the Cosmonaut's medicine cabinet. It will tell you that about the government canceling the project.

  • PC | Submitted by TALAL


    When the game first starts you find yourself in a train parked at the train station. Head to the way behind you till the end of the train and talk to the person there. This is hans your father or some sort, anyways he will tell you that he needs to departure but you will have to wind up or heat up the train! so you head back from where you started and find your way out (which is easy!) anyway outside a Russian general will welcome you, after his speech, head down the way to meet a guy repairing the train you talk to him a bit and tells you to wind up the train yourself so, you head to the big machine with the valve on it you interact with the valve turn it then head to the switch next to the machine, the machine will automatically work and you would then have completed your first mission.
    After that, head back into the train tell your dadda all about it and he will then tell you that you will have to fill the train with coals. So you get out and head down the way to the big machine with two big arms test it but won't work. Now get into the general's mini market and try to get some help you obviously would not get any. but this time get out head up the way, interact with the gate then head back down to the coal machine (don't interact with it) . under you you will see a small girl holding a balloon. Talk to her, ask her about the key gate she will tell you that she is going to trade it if you bring her any candy. Get into the general's store and look for a key on the table he was working on, once you have found it go to the candy dispenser and open the boxes at the bottom of the machines in one of the drawers you will find coins that will help you get your candy use the coins in one of those machines to get your candy. once done take them back to the little girl "Malka" who will give you the key to the lower level.
    Once there explore the place a bit, talk to people... once done go to the coal generator and take the small bottle of fuel. If you have talked to Malka she would have told you about two brothers that might help you get your fuel. go to a place where you can see a lot of Circus posters, knock on the door and a man will answerer you ask him about some fuel but he will deny it. After finishing your talk with him, head left ways and you will meet with a poster that you can interact with, move your mouse on a small damage on the paper press on it and you will tare it apart you will find yourself a small passage way into the brother's compound. Don't go any further before you free the bear that is in a box next to you. He will give some time to take the other gallon of fuel. Once you got the other bottle talk to the tall brother that is lying asleep and you would have finished your task. go to the generator and fill the generator up, press the button on the wall that will activate the coal dispenser. Head up the stairs to the coals machine switch, and there you have it mission #2 is complete

  • PC | Submitted by Sean

    Get the train started

    Go to the train but do not go in the train. Go on the other side of the train. Start walking toward the front of the train. There will be an piano like thing go to the wheel and hit A(the green button). A cord thing like will come out. Go on the side of the piano like thing there will be a lever and hit A again. When the train is wound up go to the wheel and hit A again. Now you can give the ticket to Oscar and leave.