Superman the 'angry god'

Oh dear. We really hope Thomas Tull is bracing himself for a bit of fanboy wrath, after announcing that the next Superman flick will see our hero behaving like "an angry god".

Tull, who produced Superman Returns, 300 and Batman Begins, lest we forget, said the shift was part of a refocusing of the character.

We're not sure which form this angry god will take, whether it's a temporary red Kryptonite thing, or Tull's thinking of re-writing comic book history and making Supes more of a Bat-like figure, but the former has been done before (Superman III, anyone?) and the latter will make the internet explode with furious posts on Ain't It Cool News.

Still, any news of this project progressing has to be good - especially as it seemed deader than Doomsday a few weeks ago. Go to /Film for more...