Superman Returns sequel to be packed with action...

If you thought that Superman Returns was a bit too ponderous (for shame – it’s ace!) you’ll be pleased to hear that the fella pushing the pen on the sequel, Superman: The Man Of Steel, has confirmed it’ll be much more action-packed.

Speaking to Sci Fi Wire, Superman Returns scribe Michael Dougherty said, “I think it's going to be a more action-oriented film.”

“Again, the easy comparison to make was [X-Men] to X2, or Star Trek [The Motion Picture] to Star Trek II. I mean, I know that Bryan has said he's going to Wrath Of Khan it, and by that he means, ‘Let's take what we've already established—we've gotten that out of the way—and let's just make it shorter, tighter and more action-packed.’”

We’re still not convinced by that title – what’s wrong with Superman Returns... Again! or Carry On Superman? But if Man Of Steel’s half as good as Wrath Of Khan, we’re sure it’ll pack multiplexes from here to Krypton (or Clapham, at least).