Super Mario Land Cheats

Super Mario Land Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by shapiro

    Invisible Ledge

    In the third level, you probably have noticed a point at which you can go up or down about a quarter of the way though. Make sure you are small and jump to the bottom. You won't die!

  • GBA | Submitted by James Green (


    If you've ever been too tall to get coins in a small area that you wanted to get to, juse crouch beside it, keep hitting down, then left quickly until you are fully under one block. Then, hold downleft and keep jumping. Then you can get coins that you normally have trouble getting. Also, if you are in an area with a small opening, but youcan see through the other side, like the end of area 1-1, if you have fire power, you can shoot the coins at an angle just right, and still get the coins.

  • GBA | Submitted by James Green (


    On area 2-2, when you come to a second enemy like the first you saw on the level, you see that row of four blocks. Do what the cheat about getting to a small area if you are big says if you are tall. If not just go to the right. You will get a ton of coins and on the last part, just before the other end opens, hit the block and recieve a mushroom or a flower, depending on how you are (small or big).

  • GBA | Submitted by Nick Horneck

    Free thing

    On level 2-1 there is a tall block go under that and you can either get a flower or a mushroom.

  • GBA | Submitted by swimmer2000_ca

    Impossible Coins

    In lv.1-3 right beside the first wall there is an invisible elevator. Make this appear then jump on the blocks then on the will rise to the top of the of the screen.Run along the top and you will get tons of coins!

  • GBA | Submitted by James Green (


    When you start livel 1-3, jump right next to the left wall. A box with a spring on it will appear. Jump on the row of boxes just to the right, and then jump on the spring. It will slowly rise you to the top above the ceiling. Then go to the right and you will get all of the coins on the top. Later, when you get to the row of five boxes with an enemy on the short barrier two steps away, you must be big, kill the enemy and hit the second brick from the left to break it. Jump up the space you just made and another block like the first one will appear. Take it to the top and to the right. You will see a pipe you can go down. There, you can get more coins.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jason Berger (

    Super Mario Land

    Successfully complete the game twice in succession. Press A to change the starting level number which appears next to the fina l score. Press Start to begin at the selected level.