Star Wars Obi-Wan Cheats

Star Wars Obi-Wan Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Aaron Williams

    Stealth Attack

    All right this is what you do first when you get in to the game you have to sneak up on a enemy very slowly or else the will hear you then press the right thumb stick and you should do a force grab and your enemy should come backwards then obi-wan will grab him then no one will see you or hear you peace out
    P.S this may come in handy when you have a very big enemy

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jonathan Wilhelm

    Help From Choobaca

    On the first level of the game, turn around and you'll see han solos best friend, Choobaca. Go up to him and talk to him by pressing (Y) a couple of times and he'll make a weird noise and he'll follow you and help you kill some thugs. If he doesn't just talk to him again

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Way to Defeat Tusken Boss

    When you finish of his guards and he comes down use the chandelier thingy in the middle (if you haven't already used it) and force throw it at him , he will catch on fire and still chase you. repeat this until dead.
    if you used the chandelier thing on the guards jump off the platform and just force throw the trash at him or stay on the plat form and force throw the flaming small baskets at him

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ted Raney

    Obi-Wan's Special Move

    Like you know you have seen a picture of Obi-Wan about to impale people with his light saber. All you need to do is hold the Force-Button and let it charge for 3 seconds and you should see a spinning blue thing at your feet. This can only be done when your force meter is fully charged. Hold it and go to someone and watch the moves

  • Xbox | Submitted by Alex

    Defeating Assassin Droids

    When you encounter an Assassin Droid(a dark red droid with a cortosis sword or club), get out one of your grenades. Get a good distance away and toss the grenade at it. It will temporarily freeze and start shaking. Get out your saber and force hit it a few times to take it out.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Daniel Barrett

    Scaring Naboo Resistance Fighters

    To scare a Naboo Resistance fighter simply walk close to one face to face. Then force pull their weapon [Hold left thumb trigger and press x.] They will start running around yelling for help it's quite funny. [On 3rd to last level Valuable Assistance you can even steal the queens blaster. Her cries for help are the funniest of all. It's worth it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Daniel Barrett

    Very Powerful Attack

    To do a very powerful attack the following requirements must be met.
    1. The force meter must be completely full.
    2. You must hold down the force trigger [ left back button for 2.5 seconds, until a star is glowing and spinning under Obi Wan.
    3. Get close to enemy and push right thumb stick forward.
    [ Attack varies against different enemies.]

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matty Hutto

    Battle Royal mission

    Defeat Darth Maul in level 25 to unlock the Battle Royal mission, where you have to fight eight other Jedi Masters in the Saber Arena.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tayman3000

    Force Slow

    Force Trigger + White Button = "Force Slow"

    (Note: It only lasts for about 6 seconds).

    (Tip: Do a combo move or Force Push an enemy off a high cliff, Catwalk, Ledge, Inc. for a cool Blockbuster Smashing Hit Movie Scene).

  • Xbox | Submitted by ScorpionKing1635

    Easy way to kill Darth Maul

    The only easy way to kill Darth Maul is to stay as far away from him as you can before he strikes down at you move out of the way when he does this and counter attack him with a force manuver of your own( mine is the turn spinning saber strike) hold r and use the analog stick. to beat the timer you have to be very good and know darth maul's weak points to kill him quickly.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kirk Wettenhall

    Easy kill last bonus level

    If you have the last bonus level which you need to defeat eight jedi masters here's an easy way to defeat them. If you have a jedi master following you where ever you go try jumping onto the platform by the side window they should try to jump up after you, it's easy when your only battling one jedi instead of lots.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Jin'hah Defeat

    On Secrets of Black Heth level an easy way to destroy them is to get them by a ledge and use Force Push (left trigger then y).

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Battle Royal Win

    To win the battle royal easy. Right off the start jump to the platform that surrounds the arena. You can either stay in one place and whoever jumps up force push 'em off (L trigger+Y)or run around the platform in circles (I found that easier).

  • Xbox | Submitted by justin wyker

    Easy Way to Beat the Jedi's In Bonuses

    When fighting a Jedi you can beat him or her with no problem. when you start the bonus run away from the Jedi. you should see a high path that goes around the arena you should also see lower ones that is closer to the ground and have little white circles on them if you go on the high path you will get a whole bunch of item's. If you go on the lower one you will get a period of time to hit the Jedi's with your light saber. To do this you have to go on one of the lower paths and the Jedi will follow you. the Jedi will not go on the path and the Jedi will not be able to hit you. you can hit the Jedi by facing him or her and crouching then on the left thumb stick press up once every 3 seconds and it should hit him. watch out for when the Jedi's use force push.

Star Wars Obi-Wan Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matthew Leibowitz

    Unlocks all levels, plus bonus levels.

    Go to the Main Menu. Select New Game. Type in greytherat That should unlock all levels, plus bonus levels.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matthew Leibowitz

    Unlocks all levels up to Darth Maul.

    Go to the main menu. Select New Game. Then type in M1A2U3L4!? That should unlock all levels up to Darth Maul.

Star Wars Obi-Wan Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matty Hutto

    Extra versus mode characters

    Defeat a character in the Jedi Arena during the game to unlock him or her in versus mode.