Test out your six shooter skills in a demo for Soulslinger: Envoy of Death's FPS roguelite action

Prepare to test your abilities as the Soulslinger, a literal Envoy of Death, with a new Future Games Show trailer announcing a Steam demo and Early Access arriving later this year. This roguelite sees you battle the dead through Limbo, increasing your power with each run to progress further and take on an organization trying to escape death. 

Soulsinger: Envoy of Death has you shooting through undead hordes, using the souls you harvest to upgrade your abilities as you fight to survive its fast-paced roguelite FPS challenge. The fantasy Western setting has you fighting through randomized rooms with your six shooter, as you upgrade your abilities and craft more powerful guns. 

As you gather permanent upgrades that persist between runs, you'll be able to explore further and find out more about The Cartel - a dangerous organization trying to beat death by harvesting souls. Live long enough to fight, survive and improve and you'll be able to take them on while learning more about Haven, the strange world you now call home. 

Inside this world, you'll find a fully fleshed-out story inside the roguelite loop as you discover allies and villains among the various NPCs you'll meet. You'll have to work out who's a friend and who's a foe as you go, with every encounter potentially changing the path ahead. 

You can get a taste for Soulsinger's six-shooting roguelite action now with a demo on Steam ahead of its early access release later this year. You can also keep up to date with development via Discord.

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