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  • GameCube | Submitted by Know-it-All

    Crew Info

    At about the middle of the game, Vyse will receive his own ship, the Delphinus. After you receive this ship, you will be able to recruit crew members that will help you win ship battles. Here are their locations, jobs and what they do for the ship.
    Job: Gunner
    Location: Talk to her at your base to have her join your crew. Disc 2.
    Passive: Increases the damage dealt by Secondary Cannons.
    Job: Engineer
    Location: He joins automatically when you visit your base after it has been
    built. Disc 2.
    Passive: Adds 20 to the ship's Defense score.
    Job: Lookout
    Location: Talk to him in Gordo's Bistro once you have 30 or more Discoveries. Disc 1.
    Crew Command: Increases the chance of getting critical hits. (6)
    Job: Helmsman
    Location: Talk to him in Esperanza after you have returned from Yafutoma. Disc 2.
    Passive: Adds 15 to the ship's Dodge % score.
    Job: Engineer
    Location: Talk to him both before and after traveling to Yafutoma. He is in Horteka. Disc 2.
    Passive: Adds 20 to the ship's Magic Defense score.
    Job: Artisan
    Location: Fly up to his island (north of Valua) and talk to him. Leave, then talk to him again. He'll only join, if Vyse knows the Riselem spell. Disc 2.
    Crew Command: He raises your ship's attributes for a short while. (8)
    Job: Builder
    Location: He joins automatically when you visit your base after it has been completed. Disc 2.
    Passive: Increases the power of the Moon Stone Cannon!
    Job: Merchant
    Location: Bring her a Suiran Blade (bought in Yafutoma) and she'll join your crew. She is in Maramba. Disc 2.
    Passive: Increases the chance of finding special items.
    Job: Gunner
    Location: Talk to him in Nasrad. Disc 1.
    Passive: Increases the damage dealt by Main Cannons.
    Job: Builder
    Location: Talk to her after falling down the waterfall in Yafutoma. Disc 1.
    Crew Command: She repairs the ship completely. (7)
    Job: Helmsman
    Location: Pay him 10,000 gold on Sailor's Island to have him join. Disc 1.
    Passive: Adds 30 to the ship's Quick score.
    Job: Sailor
    Location: Gotten automatically on the Delphinus.Disc 1.
    Crew Command: Doubles the ship's SP. (8)
    Job: Jester
    Location: Find the red balloon in the Sailor Island's lighthouse. Bring it back to Merida in Horteka for her to join. Disc 1.
    Passive: Increases the value of the ship.
    Job: Delegate
    Location: She joins your crew after you beat Bluheim. Disc 1.
    Crew Command: Protects your ship from enemy magic for one full turn. (10)
    Job: Merchant
    Location: Talk to her in Nasrad. Disc 1.
    Passive: Increases the chance of finding expensive items.
    Job: Delegate
    Location: Talk to him on Sailor's Island to have him join. Disc 1.
    Crew Command: Protects your ship from cannon fire for a full turn. (10)
    Job: Cook
    Location: Talk to her in her tavern on Sailor's Island. Disc 1.
    Crew Command: She replenishes one character's MP. (6)
    Job: Jester
    Location: Talk to the kids on Pirate Isle to have their dog join your crew. Disc 1.
    Crew Command: Raises your chance of striking first for an entire turn. (4)
    Job: Sailor
    Location: Found in the Dark Rift. Joins your crew only if Polly is also on your crew. Disc 1.
    Crew Command: He will reduce the Spirit Points cost of actions for a turn. (8)
    Job: Artisan
    Location: Joins your crew once Vyse has attained Hero status. Talk to him at his home in the Frontier found past the Sky Rift north of Yafutoma. Disc 2.
    Crew Command: Raises the Attack and Defense of the Delphinus for a short time. (15)
    Job: Lookout
    Location: Talk to him in Horteka after having found the Ixa'ness Village. Disc 1.
    Passive: Increases the Hit% of Torpedos.
    Job: Cook
    Location: Talk to her in Yafutoma's restaurant once Kirala is in your crew. Disc 1.
    Crew Command: Maxes out the ships SP. (15)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Sean2k10

    Killing Grendal

    To kill grendal u have to have a hour or 2 to spare as it takes ALONG time first off train so that you get a lot of sp during ship battles then get the best weapons for your ship at the black market ship get 2 torpedoes and 2 of the best cannons then when yore fighting grendal always be incremed so that you do more damage don't use harpoon cannon or you'll just knock him over and not kill him by just using torpedoes and use cannons in about 30+ min's you will have killed him the only difference is that you get a new cutlass that powers you up to 700+ attack if your at level 30+.

  • GameCube | Submitted by MysteryPeople

    Secret Scene

    Before you go to Shrine Island, Aika will go to her house to "freshen up". After she says that, go to the side of her house and press A against the funny looking rag hanging on the side of the house, you'll get a glimpse of Aika, "freshening up".

  • GameCube | Submitted by that one guy

    Train Up Fast!!!

    When you're in the Dark rift with the Delphanis you fight a boss at the end of the tunnel, but what happens when you come back to it...
    In the bosses place there will be a giant blue blooper (whatever those guys with the rings around them are called) no, it won't be a ship battle (by the way, you have to run into it to do a battle) it'll be a 4 on 1 battle. There is only one enemy, but it's tough. I would recommend using Gliders arua of Denial and protect the party from bad status changes. Then guard with everyone and repeat until you can eater do a pirates Wrath or a special crew move, repeat about 3 times and you'll win. I forgot how many exp it gives you but it's well worth it and it gives you 5-10 magic exp AND it usually gives you a helpful item like moonberry or recovery items.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Andrew Harvie

    Big Cash and Big Exp

    To gain loads and loads of money and experience at the same time, wait until your ship can go to higher and lower altitudes. Then make your way to Looper ocean (where you found the discovery "The Loopers' nest" North North West of Rixis, and also where the only creatures that attack you are loopers) and fly around and take out all of the loopers that attack you, especially the purple ones that give you the most money and experience. To stop them from running away, use Quika magic or have one of the people in the party use a "black map". Every time you get rid of some loopers, then go below the clouds underneath the island that the loopers' nest lies on and there'll be a big school of red fish surrounding a gold fish. Try to catch them before they run away and try to get the gold one can be sold for 2000 gold, while the red ones can only be sold for 200 gold. Then go back to normal altitude and fight more loopers. Then go below the island again and there'll be another school of fish just as good as the last. Once you get strong enough to get 14 SP in one turn in battle you won't need Quika or black map, because you can use Vyse's "rain of swords" technique to wipe em all out straight away. Then go to an inhabited island and sell all of the fish and any other items you get from the loopers to get mega cash.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Patrick phung

    Catch A Moonfish:

    On Sailors Island go to the inn and go outside where the girl is. Get as close to her as possible. There should be a loud beep. push the y button. there should be a target. push the a button and it will say you caught a moonfish.
    Note: you have to get the lens to see the moonfish from Doc before you can do this .

  • GameCube | Submitted by Know-it-All

    Charm Locations

    1. At Pirate's Isle, go to the underground area. It is near the crane at the topmost area.
    2. At Shrine Island, it is on the third level down from the entrance.
    3. At Maramba, it is on the balcony of the inn.
    4. At the Temple of Prynn in the second hall with a falling boulder, it is in the center of the hall against the left wall.
    5. At Horteka, it can be found just before the entrance to the airship area.
    6. At King's Hideout, it can be found near the open silver pot.
    7. At Moon Stone Mountain, at the very first fork, turn left and search.
    8. At Moon Stone Mountian, in the first room that you can see below, cross to the other side via the left path. Then, get on the middle path and search near the trap panel.
    9. At Rixis Entrance, it is to the left of the statue where you placed the Golden Man's Eye (the left statue).
    10. At Rixis, in the area with several floating platforms, after crossing on the first, go up the broken stairs and search. It is at the top.
    11. Defeat Gordo in the North Ocean.
    12. At Nasr, you will get it automatically when you receive the paycheck at the tavern.
    13. At Daccat's Island, it is near the entrance when you go there with Aika and Fina.
    14. At Daccat's Island, in the room with several bridges on Aika's side, go to the treasure chest and cross the two bridges directly in front of you. Then, search.
    15. Search at the top of the Sailor's Island lighthouse.
    16. At Nasrad in Ruins, search below the fountain in the center of town.
    17. Search the deck of the Delphinus.
    18. At Esperanza, go down the ladder near the entrance of the main town area and search.
    19. At Yafutoma, you will find this Cham on the right side of the city near the ferry dock.
    20. At Mt. Kazai, after the drop from the room with four passages, go down the passage until you reach a fork. Go south and search immediately for the cham.
    21. At Exile Island, follow the path until you pass under a "roof". Then, go to the next circular area and search for a Cham.
    22. At Crescent Isle, search behind the building with the large cannon in it, underground.
    23. At Crescent Isle, look near the flagpole in the upper part of the village.
    24. At Gordo's Bistro, search near the barrels. Gordo's Bistro can be found in North Ocean near the top of the sky.
    25. Search the entrance of the Ruins of Ice.
    26. At Glacia, from the final save point in the dungeon, go south past an intersection and search at the end of the path.
    27. At Ilchymis' Islandm look down the stairs near one of the machines.
    28. Hamachou Island can be found high in the sky above Dark Rift. search around near the partying Chou to find the Cham.
    29. At Shrine Island (part of Soltis), Once inside the area with many ring rooms, go to the last large room before the next area. Go down one room. It is located here.
    30. At Soltis, once in the area with all the teleporters, search each level for the final Cham.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Muraji Cheat

    For those of you who don't know who Muraji is. Hes the little shripy dude who you fight to take back control of the delphinus in Yufatoma. This is simple get your SP the max by focusing all your turns. Once its maxed out a symbol should come up. Its right above the run choice. Pick the new symbol and choose prophecy to do a ultra move where it deals big damage. If your wondering what Blue Rogues does it makes all of your crew attack it changes depending on whos in your crew. Example If you have Domingo for a look out he will give ya some health but if you have Tika tika for a look out he will shoot arrows at the enemy. Try to see what everyone does.