Siren: Blood Curse - PS3 Network Cheats

Siren: Blood Curse - PS3 Network FAQs

Siren: Blood Curse - PS3 Network Hints

  • PS3 | Submitted by AdamCleghorn**

    Lock Shiboti Spider In A Room

    Chapter 5, part 1

    When you go inside the hospital, open the door and you will see a Shiboti spider. Punch him to draw his attention and run in to the room you just came from. Punch him again after he follows you, and then run out of the room. Close the door, brace for several seconds, and let go of the door. Then the Shiboti spider will be locked in the room. Warning: there is another one downstairs.

Siren: Blood Curse - PS3 Network Unlockables

  • PS3 | Submitted by Killthos!

    Unlock Minigames

    Before you reach the final Waiting Room or after reuniting with Bella, go down into the basement and hide Bella in the incinerator. Bella will find a portable gaming device (archive item 32). Use it to play minigames (you must be logged into the PlayStation Network).