Sex Pistols' treat for Guitar Hero III

September 26, 2007

Guitar Hero III is to be graced with the presence of two classic Sex Pistols tracks, recorded especially for the game by the surviving members. Punk anthems Anarchy in the UK and Pretty Vacant are the two tracks set to appear, and while we'd have loved to have had God Save the Queen too, we're certainly not complaining.

It's rare that we get news that's exciting not only to gamers but to people from outside the gaming community - record collectors and music enthusiasts will likely be itching to hear the new versions of these classics - and will no doubt relish the opportunity to try playing them via Guitar Hero III. It's also fitting that the news should come in the 30th anniversary year of the release of the band's massively influential album Never Mind the Bollocks: Here's the Sex Pistols.

Justin Towell

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