Rumor details new Crackdown content

Rumor claiming to have details on planned new content for Realtime Worlds' Xbox 360 game Crackdown has surfaced on the 'net.

Reported on website, the rumor comes via its forum, where a poster says "An un-named source who I have no doubt in trusting has revealed to me that Crackdown is set for some new content."

The poster says the content "is possibly going to be free" and will include "things like vehicle impounding (taking marked cars back to the Agency); street racing vs. AI-controlled cars, extra equipment, new agent outfits and a number of new mini games."

Above: These four new agent skins were the first piece of downloadable content for Crackdown

"The observant amongst you may have noticed some different activities in the game's training videos which look like rampage missions with weapons and vehicles. If all of this stuff becomes available soon and is free of charge then there is certainly a lot of life left in the game for those who have already beaten it," the poster concludes.

Excited fan wish or actually concrete information? We'll contact Microsoft to see what it says (and if it's anything other than "We do not comment on rumor and speculation," we'll eat our pajamas).

March 14, 2007