Rocket Riot - Xbox Live Arcade Cheats

Rocket Riot - Xbox Live Arcade Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by The Wizard


    Been There, Shot That (15) - Use all 20 power-ups in the game, including the red power-downs. The tutorial level doesn't count.
    Go Forth And Multiplay (10) - Go to multiplayer in the menu, and select Xbox LIVE. It doesn't matter how high you get ranked.
    I'll Show You Fits Of Rage (15) - In any level, online or offline, kill 20 enemies within one minute to unlock this achievement.
    Natural Born Gamer (20) - Kill 5000 enemies throughout the game to unlock this achievements.
    Nice Beating You (10) - Play single player campaign mode and reach level 10. Defeat Blockbeard to unlock this achievement.
    On A Gamer's Diet (20) - Shoot 50 zombies, 50 robots, 50 pirates and 50 soldiers. All levels online and offline count.
    One Meeellion Blocks (10) - Destroy a total of 1.000.000 blocks. All blocks you destroyed from all levels are counted.
    One Shot, Thrice The Score (25) - Kill 3 enemies with one shot.
    The Things I've Seen (20) - Kill all different types of enemies in Rocket Riot to unlock this achievement.
    Two Thumb Master (20) - Play through all 80 single player levels successfully to unlock this achievement.
    You Can Handle The Riot (20) - Play endurance or co-op with friends, and beat level 50 to unlock this achievement.
    You're Like Some Kind Of Robot (15) - Kill a total of 50 enemies with a longshot. All longshots through the entire game are counted.