'The Race Returns' teaser site appears with a big '2' logo and a fancy car. Now what could that be?

Ooh, now this is a teasing teaser. A web site has appeared at www.theracereturns.com. It's unbranded in terms of game names and even a developer, but it's strange that the only publisher to tweet about it is Codemasters. All that's currently present on said site is a video of a beautiful, race-spec supercar looking all awesome and snarly. It adds some noxious tyre smoke to the virtual atmosphere before a '2' logo with a familiar font appears on the screen. Now if only we could remember where we've seen that font before...

The date at the end of the video implies we'll get our first information about this mysterious sequel on 8/8 - that's the next coming Wednesday to you and me. I would recommend visiting GamesRadar on that very day. Of course, I'd recommend you visit GamesRadar every day, but that one looks to be particularly worthy of extra recommendation.

Oh, and you may be wondering why we've tagged this article to Hello Kitty. Every article on GamesRadar has to be tagged to something. And I'm sure you'll agree Hello Kitty Island Adventure 2: Kitty Racing would be one heck of a tantalising prospect.

That is all. For now...

Justin Towell

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