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  • DS | Submitted by Samuel the Wizard i.e. Rasson the evil/k

    Defeat Lord Bane

    Lord Bane can be an extremely frustrating boss even with the right strategy. If you are a wizard you should have all your stats 25+ and your fire mastery 30+. Your mount should be a dragon spider three important spells are fireball, finger of death, and fire bomb*. You should have the elemental gem from the Mechataur equipped and otherwise focus on resistances. You should have done every quest so you have the gnoll (Scrappy I think) and Sunspear's spirit. Build up mana so everything is maxed out. Start out by hitting Bane with 2-4 fire bombs, They hit a total of 60 each. Then cast breath fire. Focus on getting red and yellow mana unless you can match skulls. Don't use Finger of Death, it will make it so the elemental gem is temporarily useless. If there are lots of 5+ skulls you can use fireball, but try to get red or yellow mana if you do. Just keep using fireball and breathe fire until Bane has 75 or less health. Then you can use finger of death to match skulls but don't do it if there is a third skull you could move instead. Congrats, you've beaten story mode. Now make another file and do stuff you didn't do, like keep Neehi's axe, the dwarf's key, and let the princess and necromancer go, assuming you didn't, otherwise take the other option.

    *fire bomb is gained by capturing a Dark Dwarf and learning it from him.

  • PSP, DS, PS2, Wii | Submitted by Whampo

    Alternate Ending Area

    Choose to free the necromancer that Darkhunter captures in the beginning of the game, rather than take him to the Red Tower. Later, near the end of the game, several alternate areas will be made available for you.