Project: Snowblind Cheats

Project: Snowblind Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Joe C

    Push/Pull Gun

    Right before you go into the briefing room talk to a red haired soldier. When you leave the briefing room he will open up the storage room door which will allow you access to a vent that will lead you to the Push/Pull Gun.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    4th level Help

    Fourth Level Interference. After you go upstairs and call-in an air strike you walk into a door after the tank appears, if you need help finding the checkpoints press the Back Button and follow it). Once you go trough the door walk forward and take a left until you find a door. Go in and u will find your partner shooting. Pick up the supply Crates and the red lava lamp looking thing. Drop down a group of your people are there waiting so is Sergeant Chung. After he talks to you run over to the windows and there will be enemies lots of them, the key is to crouch then shot, throw grenades also. then go upstairs and the Sergeant will be there he'll give you your Ballistic Shield then go into the door there will be 3 enemies, then an cut scene. Go into the room access the computer then exit crouch then go to the door an enemy will walk out. Go up the stairs there will be gunman and two enemies. Take them out then kill the Hacker use the gas barrel to kill him. Go back upstairs kill the enemies that come down dodge the sniper. this is were the fun really begins. They will tell you to stay away from the windows. Then if u have a Riot go to the stairs detonate it then begin to fire it will shield you instead of wasting your shield. Then once you kill everyone in sight, go across the street go through the door kill everyone including the hacker the final door will open to evacuate go inside of there and you will find what happens next.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tre_Little

    Online: Takedown Ogres/Tanks easily

    as a Scout so you can get the shotgun (hey believe me here guys). Use your time warp special and rush (yes) at the ogre or tank. Use your secondary fire twice, back off, then frag it twice. 9 times out of 10 the driver will have bailed out or the ogre was destroyed while he was still in it. Its funny in a way to take it down single-handedly.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Clancie H

    Become Military Bot

    When you are trying to kill a military bot or spider bot shoot them on the lit up parts of its body with your ice pick and you will take over the robots body and be able to kill other bots and enemies.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jamie Kerins

    Defeating the crazy general

    The most effective technique is to slow down time and hit him with a full railgun shot; the alternate fire of the railgun; or the alternate fire of the shotgun. However, you must first disable his shield with an EMP grenade. Once done, you will do substantial damage. It will break into a intermission sequence and spiderbots will appear. Kill them then resume fighting the general. If you have enough Bio Energy, repeat the previous tactic. If not, use the EMP, then the alternate fire of the railgun or shotgun. The shotgun is easier to hit him with, but does less damage. After you inflict more damage, walkers will appear. Destroy them with the method of your choosing (rocket launcher recommended). Then, once again resume the fight with the general. This is his last round -- spare no expense. Wear down or use an EMP on his shield, then kill him with massive fire power, or one of the alternate attacks of the railgun or shotgun.