Punch Pikachu in the face with Pokken Tournament on Wii U next spring

Pokken Tournament, the Pokemon-meets-Tekken fighting game, will transition from arcades to Wii U next spring. Unlike typical Pokemon RPG-style turn-based battles, Pokken lets you pummel sentient animals in real-time (dude, Pokemon is dark when you think about it). A launch trailer was released today to celebrate, and it contains a little surprise at the end. Check it out:

Although it features pokemon, Pokken Tournament is not developed by Nintendo or any of its subsidiaries, and is instead made by Bandai Namco. The idea was birthed when The Pokemon Company's CEO and the series producers of Tekken and Soulcalibur got together to think of new ways to play Pokemon. You know what they say, three heads are better than one - unless you're Dugtrio, in which case you're three heads stuck in the ground.

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Sam Prell

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