Painkiller delayed

Suckers for shooters are in for sad times ahead as the upcoming release of the savagely smooth Painkiller: Hell Wars has been pushed back to an unspecified date. DreamCatcher Interactive's Global Product Marketing Manager Byron Gaum stated, "DreamCatcher is committed to making Painkiller: Hell Wars a must-have title for the Xbox, and quite possibly the last great shooter on the Xbox platform."

Strangely enough, the game we played forour hands-on previewseemed remarkably polished already, so we're anxious to see what will be tweaked when the game finally hits shelves. Painkiller: Hell Wars will undoubtedly reach store shelves at some point (unlike some games we know - we're looking at you Starcraft: Ghost), and with any luck, the extra time put into it could boost an already solid-looking title into profoundly awesome-title territory.

June 1, 2006