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    Submitted by Valentino

Otogi: Myth of Demons Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Magic Hint

    Use these magics against each other for 2X damage

    Byakko (Chimera) Vs Soryu (Dragon)
    Genbu (Butterfly) Vs Suzaku (Phoenix)

Otogi: Myth of Demons Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Raikoh

    Beat High Priest

    To beat this guy you need a good weapon and good defense. Watch out for the fire balls! Keep attacking with a light attack. Eventually you'll be blown away. Go back and keep attacking with the light attack. If you use a heavy attack you'll be blown away with out hurting him. Keep it up and he'll shatter. (literally!)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Erik Salvucci


    I found a quick way to Kill the Omni Stone Demon on one of the soul cord levels.
    When you are in the final room with the demon
    wait until it is fully up then shoot a ranged spell at it a couple of times. After about 3 spell casts (which hardly does damage but slows it down) double jump then dash until you are right above it. Start hacking away with your fast attack (if you use your heavy attack you'll fall right through him and into the void were you will die). You might have to dash back and fourth a couple of times but this will surley be a quicker way to kill it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Magic Levels

    Soryu Lvl 1 - In stage 2 look for it to be dropped after killing one of the Staff Ravens

    Soryu Lvl 3 - Get a time of 2:00 or less on stage 19 (Golem's Ravine)

    Suzaku Lvl 2 - Look on top of the cliff near the gate at the beginning of stage 17 (Eternal Night)

    Suzaku Lvl 3 - Get a time of 1:39 or better on stage 22 (Lair of Fire)

    Byakko Lvl 1 - In stage 4 (Ancient Capital) look in the wall at the end of the initial pathway.

    Byakko Lvl 3 - Get a time of 1:39 or better on stage 20 (Inner Sanctum)

    Genbu lvl 2 - In stage 15 (Sea of Fire) look in one of the braziers in the cliffside near the columns

    Genbu Lvl 3 - get a time of 1:39 or better on Stage 23 (Canyon of Death)

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get 2nd Play Option

    To get the 2nd play option which starts with all weapons from the last game, a stats increase and the ability to destroy strong objects with a B attack just finish the game one time.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Weapons

    Rune Scimitars - On stage 3 (Mountain Gates) do a 20 hit combo

    Dragon Staff - Get a time of 3:20 or better on stage 5 (Palace of Gold)

    Dragon Point - In stage 7 (Restless Sea) kill 30 bad guys

    Butterfly Staff - On stage 10 (Green Cave) kill the plants on the left near the start. Behind one is a passage that leads to the staff.

    Punisher - In stage 6 (A Clouded Moon) look at the base of the hill where you meet the boss. Look to the right.

    Jaws of Mountain - In stage 11 (Spirit Wood) go to the path to the right and cross the bridge

    Skylarks - Get a time of 2:00 or better on stage 14

    Holy Staff - Get a time of 2:47 or better on stage 15 (Sea of Fire)

    Odre's Horn - In stage 18 (Darkfire Cave) beat the Blaze Ogre near the beginning

    Staff of Duality - In stage 24 (Forest of Wind) look for a passageway in the stump and the staff is on the stump on the other side

    Sword of Voracity - In stage 26 (Valley of Prayer) kill 60 bad guys.

    Orchid Malevolence - Kill the hydra on level 25

    Moonlight Sword - Free ALL the souls in the 1st 28 stages

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Items

    Needle of Fury - Finish stage 6 (Clouded Moon) in under 1 minute

    Sutra of Aggression - In stage 9 (Floating Tower) beat Kudara

    Providence Mirror - Find this at the very end of stage 16 (A Chilled Moon) behind the red archways. Go behind the archway and drop off the ledge and look for the mirror.

    Prayer Beads - Get a time of 1:10 or better on stage 16 (A Chilled Moon)