Orx is part rogue-like, part tower-defence, part deck-builder, all carnage

Orx are coming! Or more specifically, Orx is coming, the roguelike deck-building tower-defence game from Critical Reflex, about which we're seeing even more details at the Future Games Show Powered by Mana. And once you get past the initial, rather arresting images of parapets shooting fire at thousands of club-wielding oafs who refuse to get off the lawn, Orx is clearly boasting a heady lineage of inspirations that'll catch the attention of any veteran indie game lover. 

For starters, Slay the Spire and board game classic Carcassonne are both name-dropped on the game's official page - that's an excellent start - but from early glimpses of gameplay we can also pick out inspiration from countless other indies and rogue-likes like Hand of Fate and Slay the Spire, a world and art style that seems to be touched by Darkest Dungeon and Monster Train, not to mention the hand-rubbingly enthusiastic approach of Orcs Must Die. Oh, and a little Warhammer 40k when it comes to the big-toothed goobers forgetting how to correctly spell their own name.

All excellent choices to work from, but Orx also clearly has its own ideas and approaches, using its inspirations as a springboard to reach new notions and ideas. The rogue-like format is apparently threaded through a robust campaign that offers a staggering 300 different cards, all of which go towards fortifying yourself against the ever-increasing mob of goons hammering indignantly at the portcullis. 

And aside from the broad selection of cards with which you can build your deck, there's seemingly no shortage of other wildcard elements to keep things interesting. Four factions for you to pick from, a day/night cycle, changing seasons, and even rare Artifacts to find that'll elevate your mediaeval warfare to whole new levels. Fingers crossed there's a Holy Hand Grenade among them.

Even if not, Orx looks like a lot of fun for anybody who wants to flex their tactical prowess, and there's a demo for you to try out right now, right next to the button to wishlist on Steam, where you can prepare for the full release later this year! Alternatively, you can follow development for the game on Twitter for news and updates from Critical Reflex. 

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Joel Franey
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