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  • Xbox | Submitted by n3gat1v3man

    How to Get Every Weapon

    1. The Lunar
    This is a staff that you find in a vase in ch.2 at the bottom of the platforms to go into the shop where the merchant is. The best reasons to keep this weapon handy are its charge attack and incredible range. Holding Y will charge the staff twice and release Ryu's hurricane attack. Not only does this dole out huge amounts of damage, but even after one charge Ryu will benefit from a lengthy period of invincibility while in the hurricane.

    2. The Nunchaku
    You find these on the dead body in Tairon. To find the Nunchakus you have to go past the left side of the locked purple door.

    3. The Vigoorian Flail
    Upgrade them fully and they are deadly.You find them on the way to the elevator in ch.6

    4. War Hammer
    Found in ch.8, if you remember the cinematic after you beat Alma (Rachael's Sister) the 1st time you will see Doku (the guy who cut you) slap Rachael and she will drop her weapon. After that,go back to where you fought Alma and the palace should be in ruins. Go to the left side of the building and you will find the Hammer. It can be upgraded twice.

    5. The Dabilahro
    To get this you MUST turn in 20 GOLDEN SCARABS to the merchant. It may look like a regular sword (except for the size) but upgrade it an extra two times and it looks awesome!

    6. The Speargun
    at ch.11 on the dead body next to the merchant statue you will find this gun. You can use this to shoot the robots that blast their lasers at you... and the shark things.

    7. The Wooden Sword
    Either you buy this or if you have enough GOLDEN SCARABS, the merchant gives you this.This Weapon is special because it can be upgraded 6 TIMES! It's Great For Bosses.

    8. The Kitetsu
    don't forget to pick this up after you beat Doku in ch.10 or 11 I forgot, but the basics are like the Dragon Sword. Except you can take th life from your enemies. It's two swords in one.

    9. Plasma Saber
    This weapon is like a lightsaber that has the same moves as the Dragon Sword. You get this when you beat the game on Normal or Hard.

    10. Windmill Shuriken
    Now when Ayane throw one of her perfect aim Kunai scrolls near HAN'S BAR talking about a legendary weapon in a dark alley.Turn around to where you think a dark alley is and look for 2 blue lines that are parallel. That is a runway for you to wall run from wall to wall.

  • Xbox | Submitted by anonymous

    Muffins are Yummy

    On chapter 13, right before you fight Alma again, if you look up towards the top of the tower you will see Rachel chained up. If you have a strongbow just shoot her and she will have a miserable very painful bloody death.. followed by a nice AHHHHHHH!!!!

  • Xbox | Submitted by ninjon

    Well Hidden Golden Scarab

    This golden scarab is in the 8th chapter. You have to get the scull key and fight through the military guards up to the gate with the skull on it. When you enter, you will see a crate, a golden scarab, some balconys and a muramasa shop. Jump on the balconies and do a flying bird flip to get to the top balcony. Once you're there, face the wall of the other building and run to your left on the wall. there should be a little ledge with a golden scarab on it. Get it and you'll be able to get all 50 scarabs with ease!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Steve

    Secret of the Wooden Sword

    The wooden sword seems useless, but... it isn't if you have enough points (the yellow orbs... check the amount in the items screen at top right corner). When you level this sword all the way to the max level it becomes a huge weapon. it is a heavy weapon so be careful about who you use it on. This weapon is best for the dragons and bosses. The best technique is to wall jump and slam down (press Y or X after a wall jump).

  • Xbox | Submitted by jakhaleel

    New Weapon

    In Act 2, after you fight Master Murai, go to your village and do what you do best by killing all those samurai. When you reach your village (after the broken bridge) there will be more samurai to kill. After you kill them go to the platforms you jump on to get into the weapon house and where you can see your first Muramasa Statue. DON'T jump on up yet cause at the bottom of those platforms there is a red rod in a vase: hit X when it lets you interact, and its yours. Its called LUNAR: it increases your defense and also has upgrades.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Duncan Dog

    Ton of Money

    In the level Aquaduct there is a tunnel just before you face the worm boss were the enemies will keep spawning every time you enter the room, so you can keep doing this as long as you want. Note: don't go throught the big doors until you want to face the worm boss.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Muffins are yummy

    Easy Money 2

    An easy way to get karma and money! This may only be done in chapters 6, and 7. First of all, your going to need to find a place with a fair amount of Skeleton Warriors, that can respawn by leaving the room, then entering it once again. I highly recomend the "Ritual Room". Ok, first thing you'll want to do is ignore the Skeleton Warriors for now, and hop around and kill ALL other creatures. As soon as your through with that, equip you Lunar. Run to a safe place where you can stand for at least about 5 seconds without getting hit. This should be fairly easy because Skeleton Warriors are EXETREMLY slow. Charge up your Lunar all the way (when you see an explosions around yourself, and then another that means your fully charged) and wait for the Skeleton Warriors to come in range of you ultimate attack. As soon as they get in range, unlease your attack. If you havnt touch them until now, they shouldnt be dead yet. Jump to another safe spot and repeat the process. Each time you kill a Skeleton Warriors it with this strategy it should drop about 1300 essence. You'll be rich!

  • Xbox | Submitted by David Patrick

    Ninja Dog Mode

    Intentionally die three times in a row during Chapter 1. Answer "Yes" when Ayane asks "Do you really give up the way of Shinobi?" to unlock the Ninja Dog difficulty setting. Ninga dog allows the game to become acceptebly easier: you start in half way through the level with a new item and every level you get a new item!

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Scarab Purchases

    Arcade Ninja Gaiden
    Successfully complete the game to unlock the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden.

    NES Ninja Gaiden
    Give all 50 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the original NES Ninja Gaiden cartridge. It can be played at the arcade machine in Han's bar.

    Counter Attacks Technique Scroll
    Give 1 Golden Scarab to Muramasa at the shop on the hard difficulty setting to get the Counter Attacks Technique Scroll.

    Armlet Of Potency
    Give 5 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Armlet Of Potency.

    Izuna Drop Technique Scroll
    Give 5 Golden Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop on the hard difficulty setting to get the Izuna Drop Technique Scroll.

    Live Of Thousand Gods
    Give 10 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Live Of Thousand Gods.

    Windmill Shuriken
    Give 15 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Windmill Shuriken.

    Wooden Sword
    Give 20 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Wooden Sword.

    Give 25 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Dabilahro.

    Armlet Of Benediction
    Give 30 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Armlet Of Benediction.

    Armlet Of Celerity
    Give 35 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Armlet Of Celerity.

    Armlet Of Fortune
    Give 40 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Armlet Of Fortune.

    Plasma Saber Mk.II
    Give 45 Scarabs to Muramasa at the shop to get the Plasma Saber Mk.II.

Ninja Gaiden Black Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by anamaous

    Beat Game to Unlock...

    Once you have beaten the game once on normal, you will notice that movie mode is now available in the main menu. Also, if you load or start a new game, you also have a new costume (the red and black one.) Mission mode should also be available at the main menu.