New Superman TV spot

Okay, so most of us just want to see the man in tights throwing down in a street battle or whisking an out of control plane to safety but this one is for the laydeez…

Lest we forget, Superman Returns is about just that, with our hero skipping back into Metropolis and finding his missus has moved on and has a kiddie with another fella – cue super-heartbreak.

In this TV spot, we get our first proper glimpse of the strain Superman’s absence has put on former squeeze Lois Lane and the problems his return wreaks on her new relationship.

All this and some whispy Dawson’s Creek-esque music to boot… what more do you want on a Friday afternoon, eh?

Firmly affix your pants outside your trousers and check youtube .

[Thanks to TF Forumite Rob for the Top Tip].

Source: ( youtube)