New Superman goodies online

Anyone else having sleepless nights, tucked up in their Superman jammies just watching the clock tick down towards July 2006? Phew, thought it was just us. Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns flick is a long way from multiplexes (and the IMAX as we revealed to you a little while back) but here’s a little something to make the time in between that bit sweeter.

Warner Bros’ official site has just nailed up a host of Supes’ bits and pieces to keep the baying public placated. There’s the story of the movie, enough wallpapers to um…paper lots of walls and a superb video journal from helmer Singer. Our personal favourite part being when he’s is trying to film in front of Sydney Harbour bridge and every time he begins, a nearby brat begins to scream. Representatives of Chris Nolan deny that the little darling is on his payroll.

The site also has an area for the official trailer, which won’t arrive just yet as it is due to make its debut at screenings of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire from 18 November.

Source: ( WarnerBros )