New Ice Age 3 trailer online

The new trailer for Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs has arrived.

What is it, Trailer Friday, or something? Studios have clearly decided that what we either want on our computers is either animated antics or Mickey Rourke’s shattered mug.

Still, the new trailer for Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, certainly features something Darren Aronofsky can’t provide – a lunatic squirrel creature hunting for that ever-precious acorn.

Lady Scrat

And this time, he faces the biggest challenge of all: lurve. Yes, there’s a lady Scrat, known as Scratte (that’s “Scrat-ay”, in case you needed pronunciation assistance.

We’d tell you what else we learn about the film from this trailer over at Apple , but frankly, there’s bugger all mention of the rest of the cast.

So, then – dinosaurs arrive, chaos ensues. That ought to do it.