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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 Hints

  • PSP | Submitted by tomuchmoney

    easy money

    Sasuke Retrieval Act 2:Battle at Tenchi Bridge

    To get easy money go to Chapter 3:Sasuke retrieval Act 2:Battle at Tenchi Bridge.

    This mission requires you to be four tailed Naruto versus Orochimaru.Now the overall mission is simple,if you have gotten all the tactics till now, Chose strength tactic (any) and agree to the mission,Now after you beat it (It shouldn't take more than a couple of fake fox blasts(Triangle,circle) to finish him.) Now after you beat the mission,it should say "Acquired ninja points 8000! Keep doing this until you get as many ninja points as you want!Also it is one of the easiest missions in the game.