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Modern Warfare 2 machinima wins award we made up right now

The Oscars are over, and yet again, no machinima was nominated for anything. We are shocked. And by shocked, we mean that we wanted to tie the Oscars into something, and this sort of worked. But there is some fantasmical work being done in the game-powered short film department, as superbly exemplified byMichael Barnes'Modern Warfare 2 machinima, "No Russian." Watch it.

Parts of it are downright Ridley Scott, and while Modern Warfare 2makes about as much sense as a Tea Bagger, it works within this short, sweet excerpt.The gritty close-ups and sharp editingearned this video that award we just made up that doesn't really exist- so congratulations Barnes!

And speaking of movies, this reminds us: Modern Warfare 2 director Keith Arem will be making his feature film debut (at some unannounced time) with Frost Road, which is apparently a thriller about the survivors of a deadly outbreak, a concept we've never ever seen (ever). Maybe he should bring on Michael here as editor.

Mar 9, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer