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  • PSP | Submitted by Shortfusestein

    The Ultimate NY Mets

    Trade Players

    Use the following trades for the ultimate NYM: Mike Cameron for Sammy Sosa; Kaz Matsui for David Ortiz; Chris Woodward for Ivan Rodriguez; Mike Piazza and Jason Philips for Barry Zito and Jason Kendall; Ramon Castro for Mike Piazza; Mike Piazza for Bobby Abreu; Bobby Abreu for Adam Dunn; Sammy Sosa for Mark Teixeira; Cliff Floyd for Andruw Jones; Victor Zambrano for Roger Clemens; Andruw Jones for Vladimir Guerrero; Doug Mientkiewiz for Johan Santana; Heath Bell for Jeff Kent; Craig Brazell and Jeff Duncan for Carlos Delgado and Miguel Cabrera; Braden Looper for Oliver Perez; Miguel Cairo for Carl Carwford; Danny Garcia for Jose Valentin;B. Fortunato for Moises Alou;Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran and Miguel Cabrera for Albert Pujols and Jim Edmonds and Chris Carpenter.

  • PSP | Submitted by king

    More Batting Help...

    To get easy hits guess a 4 seam fast ball every time.

  • PSP | Submitted by troy

    More power and 90% chance on base

    To get more power and have a 90% chance to get on base you the bunt button rapidly befor the pitcher throws then go to your stance and swing away!! on your big hitters you may not get a base but will have a greater chance for a homer!

  • PSP | Submitted by hockeykid99

    Trade for Better Players

    In season mode you can get better players on your team by trading two average players from your team for a great player and an awful player from the other team. It works for almost any trade.

  • PSP | Submitted by MIKE

    Good chance of guessing the right pitch

    When you're batting and u guess the pitch, hold the R button and u will see a couple of pitches. The pitch that is next to the letter X (X button) is the pitcher's best pitch (ex- Tim Wakefield's best pitch is a knuckle ball) and they will throw a lot of that pitch so if u guess it, you will probably get it right.

  • PSP | Submitted by aztecwarrior_20550

    Running Faster

    When you are running to any base keep tapping X to run faster.

MLB Cheats

  • PSP | Submitted by Yavo

    Easy Wins the Cheap Way

    If you want easy hits, homeruns, and strikeouts just hit pause during a game and go to options then go to user game tuning and put everything except error frequency all the way up then go to CPU game tuning and put everything down except error frequency.