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    Submitted by darkhyena123

Mario Party 5 Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by Ebbms

    How To Unlock DK in Super Duel Mode.

    To get Donkey Kong in super duel mode beat him in the battle tournament. (hard mode)

  • GameCube | Submitted by irwin

    New Weapons

    To get the last two weapons in Super Duel Mode you have to buy all 44 parts. The weapons will be, Bomb-ombwall, and Bowser Punch. To get the Donkey Kong parts, beat him anywhere on hard mode. To get the Skolar body parts, you have to beat the Battle, Flag Competition, and Robo-Rabbit on Hard Mode.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Frightmare

    Beat Bowser's Nightmare in story mode

  • GameCube | Submitted by Amanda Taylor

    Extra Board

    Beat story mode including the final battle with bowser to get the bowser map. You can play this whenever you want in party mode.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Bowser's Nightmare

    Beat story mode one time

Mario Party 5 Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Brad

    How to Defeat People On Super Duel Mode

    Get a mushroom and get right behind your opponent and press (B) as fast as you can. This should lower there health if you do this rapidity. Also get a strong health body. It is better for defense and easy to get. You just have to go to Mini Game Mode and win a 4 player game how many times you need to to buy the body

  • GameCube | Submitted by Grant Hangliter

    Skolar Gun Detonation

    The skolar gun is an odd weapon. It is at your will when you want to detonate it. To fire it, YOU MUST hold the B button until the projectile reaches your opponent. When it does , release B. You must doe this to effectively operate the weapon.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Tip on Beach Volleyball

    Here is a little tip on Beach Volleyball. To jump you must jump where the ball is high, not in the yellow circle! So if you try to jump in the circle you wont jump, you have to jump when the ball is above the players head

  • GameCube | Submitted by kp93

    Taunt Opponents

    Click "R" when some is rolling their dice to taunt them.

  • GameCube | Submitted by tony

    Get New Parts

    In Super-Duel-Mode if you beat easy and normal in the VS you'll get hard if you past that you get a game of capture the flag whan you beat it in easy normal hard you'll get Robo-Rabit-Competion. beat it all modes then go to Part-Shop And he'll say new parts added, you'll be missing 2 weapons and im trying to figure out how to get them when i do i'll post them

  • GameCube | Submitted by lizardwizard


    This isn't really a hint, just some fun information. These are the team match-ups for Mario Party 5. They are:

    Mario & Luigi = Mario Bros.
    Mario & Peach = Cutest Couple
    Mario & Yoshi = Famous Combo
    Mario & Wario = Alter Egos
    Mario & Daisy = Nice Couple
    Mario & Waluigi = Pseudo Bros.
    Mario & Toad = Best Buds
    Mario & Boo = Old Acquaintances
    Mario & Koopa Kid = Uneasy Allies
    Luigi & Mario = Mario Bros.
    Luigi & Peach = Green Escort
    Luigi & Yoshi = Green Bros.
    Luigi & Wario = Unloving Bros.
    Luigi & Daisy = Steady Sweeties
    Luigi & Waluigi = Unlikely Bros.
    Luigi & Toad = Good Pals
    Luigi & Boo = Scare Pair
    Luigi & Koopa Kid = Friendly Enemies
    Peach & Mario = Cutest Couple
    Peach & Luigi = Green Escort
    Peach & Yoshi = Regal Friends
    Peach & Wario = Royal Pain
    Peach & Daisy = Lordly Ladies
    Peach & Waluigi = Anti-Couple
    Peach & Toad = Royal Family
    Peach & Boo = Royally Spooky
    Peach & Koopa Kid = Trouble Brewing
    Yoshi & Mario = Famous Combo
    Yoshi & Luigi = Green Bros.
    Yoshi & Peach = Regal Friends
    Yoshi & Wario = Food Fanatics
    Yoshi & Daisy = Royal Ride
    Yoshi & Waluigi = Unhappy Dino
    Yoshi & Toad = Cute Buddies
    Yoshi & Boo = Scary Dino
    Yoshi & Koopa Kid = Dino Cousins
    Wario & Mario = Alter Egos
    Wario & Luigi = Unloving Bros.
    Wario & Peach = Royal Pain
    Wario & Yoshi = Food Fanatics
    Wario & Daisy = Mismatched Pair
    Wario & Waluigi = Wicked Bros.
    Wario & Toad = Mushroom Stinkers
    Wario & Boo = Spooky Spoilsports
    Wario & Koopa Kid = Dino Cousins
    Daisy & Mario = Nice Couple
    Daisy & Luigi = Steady Sweeties
    Daisy & Peach = Lordly Ladies
    Daisy & Yoshi = Royal Ride
    Daisy & Wario = Mismatched Pair
    Daisy & Waluigi = Awkward Date
    Daisy & Toad = Royal Pals
    Daisy & Boo = Haunted Flower
    Daisy & Koopa Kid = Grudging Allies
    Waluigi & Mario = Pseudo Bros.
    Waluigi & Luigi = Unlikely Bros.
    Waluigi & Peach = Anti-Couple
    Waluigi & Yoshi = Unhappy Dino
    Waluigi & Wario = Wicked Bros.
    Waluigi & Daisy = Awkward Date
    Waluigi & Toad = Tall 'n' Small
    Waluigi & Boo = Scary Screechers
    Waluigi & Koopa Kid = Cheap Chaos
    Toad & Mario = Best Buds
    Toad & Luigi = Good Pals
    Toad & Peach = Royal Family
    Toad & Yoshi = Cute Buddies
    Toad & Wario = Mushroom Stinkers
    Toad & Daisy = Royal Pals
    Toad & Waluigi = Tall 'n' Small
    Toad & Boo = Scaredy Toad
    Toad & Koopa Kid = Little Guys
    Boo & Mario = Old Acquaintanes
    Boo & Luigi = Scare Pair
    Boo & Peach = Royally Spooky
    Boo & Yoshi = Scary Dino
    Boo & Wario = Spooky Spoilsports
    Boo & Daisy = Haunted Flower
    Boo & Waluigi = Scary Screechers
    Boo & Toad = Scaredy Toad
    Boo & Koopa Kid = Pure Evil
    Koopa Kid & Mario = Uneasy Allies
    Koopa Kid & Luigi = Friendly Enemies
    Koopa Kid & Peach = Trouble Brewing
    Koopa Kid & Yoshi = Dino Cousins
    Koopa Kid & Wario = Bad Baddies
    Koopa Kid & Daisy = Grudging Allies
    Koopa Kid & Waluigi = Cheap Chaos
    Koopa Kid & Toad = Little Guys
    Koopa Kid & Boo = Pure Evil

  • GameCube | Submitted by Amanda Taylor

    Secret to the one of the bowser minigames

    On the minigame rain of fire, its very hard to find a spot where the ashes wont fall. A great trick is that as soon as you see the shadows, pause the game. Now without unpausing look around and find a spot thats clear. Once you find a spot, unpause the game and run over there. Do this trick untill you've won the minigame.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Amanda Taylor

    Want your machine to be better?

    As you probably know, to get parts for your machine in super duel mode you need game points. For every mini-game you play, you get one point. For example, if I play a four player mini-game, then I get one more point added and saved so I can buy a new part. To get these points, you don't have to do a regular board. You can just simply go to mini-game mode and play the type of mini-game that you need points for. It makes things a lot easier and you get to have fun playing your favorite mini-games.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Richard Swiech

    How to beat frightmare (in story mode)

    When you get in the stadium, Bowser will drop little fire breathing wind up toys at you. To defeat them simply jump on them by pressing the "A" button or throw them by standing near one and pressing the "B" button. After you have defeated all of them Bowser will drop these three flaming circles on you. Dodge the circles while they grow, shrink, and spin until time runs out. Next you'll have to fight Bowser. When he jumps onto the stadium and starts walking toward you, you can see that the platform that he jumped on will be crack. What you have to do is make Bowser jump on the same platform three times. To do that stand on the platform that's cracked until Bowser jumps into the air then dodge him, it will be cracked even more. Do this until the ground collapses. Then you will land on another platform and you will see Bowser holding a cup. Then he will drink it and become giant Bowser. When he becomes giant bowser the ground will collapse under him and only his head and arms will be visible. He will throw these red glowing balls at you. Don't touch them wait till Bowser starts breathing fire on them. Then they will be these white glowing balls, pick them up but don't throw them at Bowser yet wait till he throws this blue glowing ball at you, it will make this blue circle fly at you jump over the circle and then throw the ball at him. Do this five times to defeat Bowser.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Amanda Taylor

    Want to know what Bowser's wish is in story mode?

    Can't wait to find out what Bowsers dream is? His dream is to find a strong competitor. He'll tell you this after you beat him in the final battle. He explains to you how he really is a nice guy and other thing too.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Amanda Taylor

    How To Beat Bowser

    Stuck on the final battle? When you first enter the battle, there will be many tiny bowsers. Jump (A) on top of them or go next to one and throw them (B to pick up, B again to throw them). I find it easiest to jump on top of them. Each time you jump on one you will repel up. If you tilt the control stick any way you can jump on another mini-bowser without even touching the ground. Caution: If any of the mini-bowsers are blinking red or are spitting fire, DON'T jump on them. You'll lose a heart and each one really matters in this battle. Next, there will be three fire rings. Pick a ring at the bottom to stay in and try to stay within in that one, jumping (A) if you need to. Every time you touch the fire, you lose a heart. Continue this until time is up. Next, Bowser will punch the screen and try to battle you himself. He will try to ground pound on you, charge into you, or breathe fire. You'll notice that every time Bowser does a ground pound on a block these white spiderweb looking thing go on a block. Try to get Bowser to land on that three times. He will then fall and you will then have to do one more thing. Bowser will start throwing red fire balls at you. Dodge these and don't run into them after he threw it, it will still be hot. After he throws a couple, go to the middle, and as soon as he takes a breath in go to one of the top corners to dodge his fire. If his fire hits one of the balls, it will glow. Pick one up (B) and hold it until he throws a purple ball that will send an electric wave. Dodge it and then go up to Bowser the closest you can and throw it at his face (B). Do this repeatedly until he is dead.

  • GameCube | Submitted by MarioPartyPerson

    Pause And Effect

    On the mini-game Shy Guy Showdown, you pause when the shy guy first flips up the sign thing. You will know what it will be or say (like when he flips it, you pause and then try to find out what the word/button and then unpause it then you press the button!