Lost Magic Cheats

Lost Magic Hints

  • DS | Submitted by RuneScape, World 30

    Evil or Justice?

    When Diva appears after you defeat your dad.

    After you run from Diva of Twilight, aka Seneca, two times after you defeat your dad, Seneca will appear. She gives you two choices:

    1. If you keep the wand, Trista will die, and also Leonard. Then you'll turn evil. You must defeat the Sages of Water, Earth and Fire, AGAIN.

    2.If you give her the wand, Trista will become safe. Then you must seek for the Sage Tree. Then you'll make a new wand, the Wand of Hope!

Lost Magic Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Lost mage

    Unlockable: Good path

    You must give up your wand when you're asked to by the Diva of Twilight.

  • DS | Submitted by Chris

    Bosses in Free Mode

    To play bosses in free mode, You need to beat them in single player. Then go to multiplayer and press "Free Battle". Then you can play as the bosses