Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings Cheats

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Nicodemus

    Infinite Ring for Frodo

    During gameplay

    Quickly press Y, B, A, b, Y, X. A message will appear should you enter the code correctly.

    (ed. note: also submitted as X, B, Y, A, X, B)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Nicodemus

    Infinite Health

    During gameplay

    Quickly press Y, A, X, B, A, Y. A message will appear if the code is entered correctly.

  • Xbox | Submitted by PAD

    Basic strategy

    In the beginning horde the honey combs. They are an extremely powerful strength booster. You will need them starting a few levels later in the game.
    Also you don't have to kill every spider
    you come across. For the most part you can outrun them and move faster then they can. Which means you can run circles around them and get your items from cracking open the little mounds of dirt that the spiders are always hanging around.

  • Xbox | Submitted by crazyhitter13


    When you reach the door of Moria,as gandalf, hit X against the door. it will ask which chant gandalf can say. pick "Mellon".

  • Xbox | Submitted by Christopher M.

    Get better walking stick

    Go to the place where you find the thing that rings the bell. The man asks you to get him some ingredients for a pie. He wants a honeycomb and an egg. On your way from Bag end you'll see a building with a ladder next to it. There is a cram on top of the building. Climb the ladder. Then throw a rock at the wind pane. If you do this the guy will give you an egg. In order to get the honeycomb, just go to a beehive and start throwing rocks at it. A honeycomb will fall out of it. Take the egg and the honeycomb to the guy and he will give you a choice between ointment and a walking stick. If I were you, I would choose the walking stick because it is a useful weapon in the beginning of your journey.

  • Xbox | Submitted by PAD

    Basic strategy 3 and second boss

    Try not to use the ring or steal your neighbors stuff. All of which drops your humanity. The second main boss you actually have to fight is in a cave that you have to bust some rocks out of the way to get in.
    I wasted all my ammo and then realized I had a note in my inventory that was from the guy who sang the tree to sleep(read basic strategy 2). OK here's what to do.
    Use your dagger only and you will have to hit him about 4 times before he disappears in the dirt. Do this sequence a few times and then Froto will say he needs help. Then read the letter by pressing the black button when you have it pulled up in your right inv. window.,, boss beaten. For extra goodies try to get the chest open that is sitting up on the ramp BEFORE you read the letter.

  • Xbox | Submitted by PAD

    Basic strategy 2 and 1st boss

    Don't waste your firecrackers or apples either. you will need them later on harder enemies.
    OK presuming you made it out on your journey you will come across a big tree who wants to eat your friends. You will have to beat the tentacles a few times that are popping out of the ground. Then the tree animates itself and will try to smash you with its main branches. That's the ticket,, hit his hands when they are resting on the ground. After a few good whacks a jolly weird guy steps in and sings the tree to sleep. Fight is over.

  • Xbox | Submitted by PAD

    Spiders and Lillies

    Ok if you don't like spiders you will not like this round. 12 lillies is what you need.
    For the first lillie and some cool weapons stay to the left after you leave the tree that you just defeated. You will come across a big Rock with spiders on the left of it.
    Run right up to the rock and you will see a ledge, climb it and make your way to the top of the rock mass. Thats your first flower but before you get down look at the closest tree and you will see a sparkle up in the leaves. Throw a few rocks at it and it will drop some steal balls used for throwing. They land on the ground. Jump down carefully and get them.
    Outrun the spiders except when you run across some bees wich means a hive in a tree and honey comb. You need that honeycomb so do whatever it takes to get it. The rest of the lillies are up to you to find. the first one was the hardest to find.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Crazystuff inc. productions

    Walk fast while blocking

    To move fast while blocking, franticly press the B button. Yeah, sure it looks weird but on certain levels its a good idea

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get past Black Riders

    To get past the riders sneak past the ones that are off horses by using the ring and the ones on horses hide behind rock or something nearby.
    Note: save Ring power, also when using the infinite ring,ammo,health cheats do you go to the start screen or something to type in those

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Getting past the 21st Hall

    To get past the 21st Hall in Moria, go to the platforms in the middle of the room. Stand on one of them then save the game. After you're done saving, load the game and walk off the platform. You'll see it stays down. Just do it again and again for each one and you can leave the level.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Josh

    Beat the Troll In Balin's Tomb

    When the troll comes in, fierce attack him, when he swings after you attack him, jump back. repeat this until the cut scene shows your character hopping onto a ledge. the troll will have a chain that he whips at you. stand behind a column and charge up your arrow/ax until it stops charging, when the troll swings his chain and it gets stuck in the column, he will pull it out destroying the column and giving you a perfect shot at him. repeat this until he dies.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Anony-mouse

    Defeat the Watcher in the Water

    On the mountain, you will come to a flat surface. Go up to it and push X. It will show doors. Then, two tentacles come out of the water. Don't waste your spirit. Instead, when the tentacles come up to grab you, hit them with Glamdring. After a bit, they go back down into the water. Then the main body will come up. Hit it with fireballs and it will be stunned. Then, go to the doors and push X. The password options will show at the bottom. Push B, and the battle will be over.

  • Xbox | Submitted by quciksilver

    Flying on a Bee

    This is not really a cheat but its a good way go get through like 10 spiders in the forest.
    if your in a area where there are tons of spiders and a bee hive and your constantly loosing health than when a bee is chasing you than right when its up close and about to sting you jump. if timed perfectly you'll fly fast in a straight line and cleared from the spiders but the bee will drop you off and most likely sting u. but its a fun thing to do when your bored

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ryan Howington

    New Spell for Gandalf

    When your frodo after bilbo gives you the sword and the armor go to one of the two chest right or left frodo will get an Elven ruin. frodo can't use it. but when your Gandlf go up to Frodo and press X. then on the screen it will say. A new spell has be added. go where you pick the spells and you will see a big blue Z. this spell will freeze the enemy for a little bit.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jonathan Spargo

    Lots of Poison Healing Plants

    When you are in Bywater and your doing things for people go to old Noakes sitting on a bench do what he tells you to make sure you get more than 4 then when you come back to give him the herbs give them to him and then keep talking to him over and over then your number of poison healing plants. If you get to 99 and you do it again it will say 0 but you actually have 100 and from then on it only goes to 10 but your still getting more.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlimited Mushrooms

    At Maggot's Farm BEFORE you go and do all the objectives go to farm and Merry and the other two people ask you to do an objective (it is to get mushrooms) then go look in both of the pastures there is two mushrooms in each pasture collect both WITHOUT getting caught then AFTER you get both mushrooms get caught by the dogs you may do this as many times as you would like top get all the mushrooms you want.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Gamemater


    When you reach the orc dam sam will be snatched by a nazgaul on a fellbeast you will then have to reach the islands summit called amon hen where you will have to do battle with the nazgaul and his fell beast collect all the items on the ground then hide behind the big tree keep hitting the fell beast with your sword until legolas starts talking the nazgaul will then hop off the fell beast and start chasing you keep running away from it the fell beast will then start shooting fire from its tail dodge it and it will hit the nazgaul also accasionally hit it with some arrows it will eventfully be beaten and that is the end of the game.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to Pass the Network of Stairs Level

    When you get up to the bit when your Aragon and your in that level called the network of stairs you start of at this door be careful there 4 fire archers at the start keep going down until you get to that cart hit the sign next to it and it will show a short cut scene of the cart going somewhere then just keep going down until you find it again hit the sign next to it then keep going down then you'll reach this door that's the aragorn will say i must find a way to open this door and quickly then look behind you and look up until you see a railway there will be another sign shoot it with an arrow then it will show a cut scene of this thing going down the look left you will see the kart and another sign shoot the sign and the kart will go forwards the it will turn left and go down and smash into the door and then you've passed the level

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jack-Coombes

    How to Beat Last Boss

    First run up to the dragon and then attack him until u see a cut sean. Then look around for a staircase. Climb up the stair case and stand as close as u can to the through at the top. Wait until the dragon swoops at u. (Dont worry the through will stop the blast). When he dos hit him with arrows. 2 or 3 hits should do it. you will see a cool cut seen of legolas shooting the dragon in the neck.