Level up: How game studios and publishers can revolutionize their business models with AXA Next

Game monetisation models are a nascent but rapidly growing microindustry, built on thriving digital economies led by some of the most active and valued consumer demographics in the market. That fast-paced acceleration in influence and scale has not been without its growing pains, however, ones which have often cost studios and publishers through unexpected areas of disruption and unpredictability.

Which is where AXA Next comes next, here to bring stability, security, and strength to this new and exciting market. As outlined in the video above, AXA Next is an ambitious new project launched by AXA, a financial services company with over 30 years of proven experience and integrity. To put it simply, AXA wants to build a new digital goods trading platform for video games that could revolutionise the monetization models as we know them, but it's not alone. Set to launch in 2020, Next is now recruiting for developers and publishers to take part in its first live phase.

(Image credit: AXA)

With AXA, you'll be a central asset in the creation of an international turnkey platform that could give you a competitive edge on the market, provide invaluable data insight into your playerbase and its consumer behaviour, and help you attract new users to your platform, all anchored under the protection and clout of a leading global bank. This is the chance to be in a partnership in every sense of the word, avoiding any potential market cannibalization, fraud, or competition, while saving you time and money as AXA global legal, tech & security issues involved.

You can register your interest via a brief, on-site survey here, before the final shortlist attends an open Jury in February, with the opportunity to make your pitch to a panel of gaming experts and personalities. If selected, you'll be part of a core community working to build a new monetisation platform together, supported by AXA with monthly workshops, exclusive coaching sessions, and funding to help deliver a game changer solution for gamers.

For further information, find out more about how AXA is bringing innovation to the Next level.